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The Building Thinking Schools Professional Development Design

How do we grow thinking students? Thinking Foundation, in collaboration with Thinking Schools International, conducts a highly interactive workshop course, including site based follow up, with teachers and administrators from a cluster of pilot schools. The purpose is to create a sustainable and scalable pathway for dissemination over time across whole schools in a region or country. The outcome? To improve teaching and for ALL students to improve their content learning and explicit thinking processes- within school and throughout their lives.


A Unique Interactive Course Resource.

We use the comprehensive online "Growing Thinking Students in Thinking Schools" (GTS) LUMIBook during the in-person workshops, training of trainers institutes and for personalized learning.

Here is a big picture view of the resources in the Growing Thinking Schools (GTS) LUMIBook:

The focus of the GTS Course is on the practical

implementation of 3 proven “student centered” models:

1. Visual Tools for Cognitive/Critical Thinking

    View Points Model

2. Dispositions for Mindfulness:
    Open Minds Model

3. Inquiry, Questioning and Problem Solving:
    Reflective Action Process (RAP)

Student Centered Models and Pathways

The LUMIBook technology (including video, text, PDF downloads, web links, etc.) is a networking tool used for "in school" sharing of best practices among other Thinking Schools around the world.

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