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Welcome back to Thinking Foundation!

Hello! This is a brief blog just to give you an update on summer happenings, updates and some powerful news for all schools about the importance of thinking as the foundation for learning. Read on to find out about a special TV report out of Mississippi last week!


The Pass teachers and administrative leaders have been focusing on cognitive and critical thinking through the use of Thinking Maps since 2002. They have well documented the highest levels of performance within Mississippi and across the country and we have helped them to create a near TV-ready documentary on their amazing story.

Just last Friday the local TV station WLOX ran a story about the continued success in The Pass and used pieces of the the documentary. Here is just one of the most insightful and powerful quotes from a principal in The Pass:

“…. we lost everything…. But not our students’ abilities to think…”

Please link to the WLOX report televised on Friday, September 10 out of Biloxi !


The Pass story will also become part of the 2nd edition of “Student Successes with Thinking Maps” (in press: Corwin Press; 2011) that many authors have worked on in the past year to add new chapters and bring forward revisions and new successes.

Read more about the pass story and view the documentary trailer here on the Thinking Foundation website.

And… last but not least, Bob Price is returning to Ethiopia to continue the deep and expanding collaboration with a focus on our global Thinking Schools initiative Please return to www.thinkingfoundation/ethiopia for more information. Thinking Foundation is now working with Bob and others to get significant funding for this project (and film documentaries) from individuals and private funders, foundations, and even NGOs in order to help sustain the collaboration. Send word if you can help out!

Of course, all over the world, from The Pass in Mississippi, to Ethiopia, to Haiti to Afganistan, Los Angeles and New York City…. school buildings are being rebuilt, but upon what educational foundation????

What kind of teaching and learning and leading is happening within these temporary canvas concrete walls or the trailers in The Pass after Katrina?

We believe that thinking is the foundation for grounding learning in the 21st century in huts in Ethiopia or gleaming new buildings in the United States.

Think about it!



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